Well, let me tell you about Doc Randy.  I lost my old doctor to the Affordable Care Act. As an over the road truck driver it was hard to find a doctor to work with my work schedule. My wife found Doc Randy online. She called and made the appointment. The rest was history. When I first met Doc Randy, he got right to the point. I have high blood pressure and he said, “We have to get some of this weight off of you!” My last doctor would just tell me that “I had to lose weight.” Doc Randy examined me and changed my meds. He gave me information on what to do to help me lose the weight. He told me how he lost weight and he will help me. If I miss my appointments I get an email and/or a phone call. Every time I come in for a med check, we discussed weight loss. Finally, I got on board by using an app called Lose it. I paid for a full subscription and I do it faithfully everyday single day. I’m on my 101 of my life change on eating and I owe it all to Doc Randy. Can’t wait till my next appointment. I tell all of my trucker friends about my Doc Randy and the great service he provides for me.

-Russell W.



Dr. Randy was able to treat me for different ailments with lots of attention and follow up--with ease and convenience that I have never had from any other practice. This is the way a Primary Care doctor should take care of every patient!

Dr. Randy is the best PCP I've ever had! He's very attentive and truly cares about your overall well being. He is also an Optavia coach and has used the products himself to lose the weight. He is available literally anytime you need him by text or call. The DPC program is very unique, not only will you save money but you'll receive the quality care you deserve. I would highly recommend ANY family to become patients of Dr. Randy and experience medicine practiced in a caring, attentive, and relationship-oriented manner for the first time.

-Eva T.



I really like Dr. Randy and direct primary care. Dr. Randy is very nice and knowledgeable.  He is willing to talk about anything and listen to your needs and issues. He is dependable, easy to get in touch with and easy to get a quick appointment with.

He has knowledge of many different aspects of medical care, testing, insurance, and interpreting results. He tries his best to find the best option for you at a very reasonable cost.

-Michael F.