How Direct Primary Health Care Works


Your path to Direct Primary Health Care begins with a membership. By becoming a member of Doc Randy’s Internal Medicine Office, your physician will be like your neighbor. You will receive personal and attentive care at each appointment. Rather than being treated like another name on a clipboard, Doc Randy will ensure that you are taken care of.

Care Beyond the Clinic

Illnesses do not always happen during office hours. Direct Primary Health Care allows your physician to provide healthcare services outside of the office. Via call, text, or email, you can trust that Doc Randy will be available for your urgent care needs 24/7.

Doc Randy strives to keep my patients healthy and out of the hospital. However, should circumstances arise, he will visit any hospitalized patient to best ensure that your care receives the best outcome possible. For patients who are too ill to make it to an office appointment, Doc Randy can also schedule home visits for a small extra charge. Read the Services page for more details.