A Direct Primary Care Clinic Focused on You

No more long waits in the doctor’s office or rushed visits with your physician. Doc Randy provides the quality care you need at an affordable cost at his direct primary care clinic. With same day appointments and unlimited visits, your membership pays for itself. No gimmicks, and no setup or enrollment fees required.

Age 17-39

$50/month fee

Age 55+

$100/month fee

Age 40-54

$75/month fee

Age 17-24

Free with Parent(s) on Plan

Old Fashioned Medical Care with a Modern Twist


My direct primary care clinic will provide many no-extra-cost options such as no rush/minimal wait doctor visits, same office day and after-hours visits. Home visits will be available at minimal charge. I also will be available routinely via e-mail and home phone, as well as text message/cell phone for more urgent messages 24/7. There will be no answering service, front desk or complex menu system between you and your doctor. I will also visit all hospitalized patients to help coordinate your care for the best outcomes. More importantly, I will do my best to provide all the care needed to keep my patients healthy and OUT of the hospital. The main factor interfering with the doctor-patient relationship is insurance and government regulations. Given this, in order to provide the level of care described here, I will not take insurance or participate in Medicare or Medicaid.